There's Still Life

 There’s Still Life

Photographic Series (collaboration with Chris Sewell). For an indepth look at this ongoing series please visit jpandcs.com


An object itself holds no significance in it’s physical being without the attachment of function, memory and of story. As humans the tendency to project symbolism and sentiment upon objects has long been a prevalent trait. 

The ongoing series ‘There’s Still Life’ explores the act of preserving of objects that have been donated or discarded by their previous owners. It pieces together fragments of others lives and projects onto them a new imagined narrative and purpose.

Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of still life arrangement in painting and photography, the works take visual signifiers from vintage commercial advertising. These signifiers have manipulated the way we view objects and the value we place upon them. It has created a subconscious notion of a utopian lifestyle shaped by the material goods we surround ourselves with.